The West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Association has been a part of the fabric of the automotive industry in West Virginia for over 75 years. In 1933 a small group of automobile dealers from around the state met at what was then known as The Old White, now known by all as The Greenbrier, to form a united front. In 1933 the fourteen dealers in attendance discussed the numerous challenges facing them in their business of selling cars. This meeting was the first of many to come, for it marked the beginning of what has become the West Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers Association.

During this time WVATDA has had leadership from every corner of the state, representing every motor vehicle manufacturer. And, while facing many challenges to the industry, these dealers have banded together to create one of the most respected associations in the country.

The profile of those early pioneers of the industry was one of a generation of risk-taking entrepreneurs. With a willingness to work long hours, putting everything on the line, dedicated to the success of their businesses and communities, these pioneers paved the way and set the high standards for the dealers of today.

Today, West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Association is 144 franchised dealerships member strong. There are currently six (6) districts, with two directors for each district, divided as equally as possible to give each and every dealer a voice in the direction of the Association. Also, three (3) directors at large serve on the Board of Directors.

As the needs of the industry have mandated changes in purposes, the Association has evolved into a clearinghouse for information for its members. Government has taken a much stronger role in the operation of the business community, which necessitates a strong collective voice. Working with elected officials on the local, state and federal levels has afforded dealers both advancement of the industry; as well as, protections from unfavorable laws and regulations.

West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Association dealers and members are dedicated to advancing the automotive industry in West Virginia.

The Association has much to look back on with pride……
………………………………………and much to look forward to with optimism