WV Franchise Dealer Economic Impact 

A one-page summary shows the retail auto industry's impact on West Virginia economy.   


My Dealership

Included website and social medial channels, and features videos of real consumers and dealerhip staff voicing the benefits of local dealership in their own words. 

Videos include:

  • My Dealership Saves Me Money: Econometric research has shown that when same brand dealership compete in proximity to each other, consumer save hundred of dollars on the price of a new vehicle.
  • My Dealership Creates Jobs: Local dealership provide nearly 1.1 million jobs in sales, service and management, that average more than $69,000 in compensation per year across occupation - in fact, dealersdhip employ more worker than auto manufacturers operating in America. 
  • My Dealership is Local:  Appoximately half of America's 16,500 dealerships are companies that own two sotres or less.  Thousands of dealership groups are locally owned and operated businesses rooted in their communities.
  • My Dealership is Modern: Local dealerships offer a modern service ansd sales experiece, with online tools and digital platforms dedicated to making the purchasing experience as easy and convenient as possible.
  • My Dealership is Diverse:  Local dealership reflect the communities they serve, and can be incredibly diverse workplaces, employing workes from all background in sales, service and management occupations, and with opportunities for advancement. 


Benefits of Franchise Dealership

The Value of the Dealer Fanchise System -video;    The current fanchised new care daler model has benefited consumers, manufacturers and local communities for nearly a century.   It is supported by both dealers and factories as the best and most efficient way to buy, sell, service and finace cars in the marketplace.

"Get the Fact" Videos